pacific beach sunset people looked like chess pieces
January 2, 2021

Like Chess Pieces

Today’s sunset in Pacific Beach was a sight to behold, with the colors of the sky transitioning from deep oranges to shades of pink and purple. The sun had long set below the horizon, and the beach was now quiet, with the only people left being the last few stragglers who had stayed behind to enjoy the peacefulness of the evening. The silhouette of these individuals against the vibrant colors of the sky was reminiscent of chess pieces on a board.

The image captured a sense of calm and tranquility that was almost palpable. The last few individuals on the beach had chosen to stay behind, enjoying the stillness of the moment and the beauty of the sunset. As the sky gradually faded to darkness, their silhouettes became more prominent against the colorful background, taking on a life of their own. It was as if they were engaged in a game of chess, with each move carefully calculated and executed.

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